Staffing Agency

Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are very important for employers who have a long list of job seekers and for those who are seeking for jobs. Most of the staffing agencies specialize on a specific sector of the job market. The staffing agencies have one major role and that is to provide services for those companies or small business that need qualified personnel.

Staffing agencies manage the human resource needs and the needs of their clients. They manage and maintain thousands of résumés of job applicants.  To know what their client needs, the staffing agencies receive a list of requirements and description of the job vacancy to be filled.

The staffing company may provide staffing solutions be it contractual, temp to hire, temporary or full time in clerical positions, administrative positions, industrial positions and any other position a client needs to be filled.

This will make it easy for the staffing agency to know what to look for when short listing qualified applicants. After receiving the descriptions from their client, a staffing agency will create a job posting. This will enable them filter through the list of job applicants and shortlist those best suited for the job.

The main aim of staffing agencies is to match every job applicant with a job. In order to achieve this, the agencies have to interview potential clients to help them know more about the applicants and find the most suitable job for them.

The agencies may take some applicants through some professional skills test in order to determine the ability of the applicant, for example, the applicant may take a typing test. These tests will make it easy for staffing agencies match the right applicant with what they can really do as they have validated the applicant’s skills.

If you are a job seeker and you cannot get employed immediately, you should not worry. The staffing agencies keep a database of all the applicants for future opportunities and they may link you with any vacancies that may match your abilities in case it presents itself at any time.

After the assessment tests, the staffing agency will arrange for an interview between the shortlisted candidates and the potential employer. It is up to the employer to decide if they want to hire the employee short term or if they want to hire permanently.

In case the employer chooses to hire the job applicant on a temporary basis, they will pay the staffing agency directly. The staffing agency will then pay the employee based on the salary they agreed upon until when the employer decides to hire the employee on a permanent basis.
The staffing agencies not only deal with recruitment and hiring of employees by also conduct and deal with payroll responsibilities, and they can also with other issues like employee claims and disciplinary actions.

Most of the staffing agencies now take care of the development and training of employees. They also have strict policies on the acts of indiscipline, pay scale and time management. They also have their own employee management structure and database.

Executive Search Firm

How an Executive Search Firm Works For  Hiring Your Next Executive

It is standard practice to use an executive search firm for the recruitment and hiring of your next executive manager. When you are looking for executives, you are looking for people who are already in demand, and who already can pick and choose to a small or larger extent as to which positions will work best for them and their families.

If a business spent a lot of time searching for talent at the executive level, it would take too much away from the normal activities of running a business. By utilizing the talent and experience of an executive search firm, you hand that duty off to an organization that has a track record of success in this field, and who can bring the results that are desired.

An executive level employee has different needs and responses that junior level people and below have. The executive and his family are not only interested in the job, but they also focus on the community in which they are going to be living. Such things as education, shopping, crime, cultural things like charities, churches and the quality of the community.

Chances are, a company is looking for a person who can come in and make some changes, all of which may or may not be popular, so this individual must have the proper background where they have been able to make changes before.

The executive recruiting firm will handle all of the sourcing, initial contacting, initial interviewing, and background checks. In many cases an individual recruiting consultant will be assigned to the project based upon his or her experience in working with similar hiring projects in the past.

If your business specializes in any certain areas, such as manufacturing, the recruiter is going to be looking for prospects with a management background in a similar industry. Everything in regard to the preliminary processing of the search and data gathering will be handled as much as possible by the search firm, so that when the information gets to the hiring company, there will be enough data to start making some preliminary judgments.

Since it is quite often the case that the new executive is currently working for a competitor, it is imperative that the initial contacts and information gathering be handled without revealing any company names or information. It would not be good form at this point for that information to become public in the interest of everyone concerned.

Professional recruiters are very adept at initializing and processing all of these practices, and they have a way about them that caters to the ego of the executive. If the executive is interested, he or she may not let on at first until they learn more about the opportunity.

Another advantage of using an executive recruiting agency is that the agency may already have the prime candidate in their database already. After all, it is not a crowded field at the top when you are searching for exceptional talent.

Recruitment Firm For A Startup Company

How To Choose A Recruitment Firm For A Startup Company

A startup company usually has limited resources that it may not be able to sustain a similar structure as that of larger and more established companies. This is where outsourcing becomes advantageous to a new company. This way, a small enterprise will not need a lot of staff for seasonal demands.

An example of this is hiring a recruitment firm from job sourcing. This company will take care of looking for job applicants and recommending promising candidates from a list of applicants.

While a startup company can always hire any recruitment agency to screen applicants, it has to make sure that the recruitment company can deliver what it promises.

Understanding Of The Position

During the initial contact with the recruitment firm, the headhunter should show that he understands the job vacancy. He should be able to provide an initial list of qualifications, the job description and the key tasks that will be performed during the job. Failure of the company to show understanding of the job may lead to hiring the wrong person. This will cost both the firm and the company time and money.

Creation Of A Hiring Plan

The recruitment agency should know how to get the right applicants for the position. It may need to post vacancies on job websites, do cold calling or use public bulletin board to reach the right people. If the agency has been in operation for some time, it may have a database from which it can get the information on qualified applicants.

Use Of Appropriate Screening Tools

Once applications pour in, the staffing agency should determine the top applicants through various steps to screen the applicants. The company will administer appropriate tests and conduct interviews. It will also have to check the applicants’ information with previous employers and character references.

Delivery Of Results

The recruitment firm should keep in touch with its clients during the hiring process to give updates on shortlisted candidates. This will also help the client in planning tasks depending if a person becomes available for the job.

Even if suitable candidates have not be found yet, the recruitment firm should send reports about the hiring process.


To find a good staffing agency, a new business owner can also rely on recommendations from peers within the industry. Some search firms work well with certain job profiles. For example, there are staffing agencies that have consistently provided good employees in the field of Information Technology.

This is because the firm already has a database of IT profiles, a hiring procedure for IT specialists, appropriate exams and knowledge of the industry.

Some recruitment companies can also assist with the initial training of the candidates so that they become ready for the job right after they sign the contract.

While finding the right person for a job vacancy can become a tedious process, outsourcing this to a professional recruitment firm can take the burden off the shoulders of a startup business owner. That way, he can focus on developing the products and services that his company offers.

Using Recruiting Agencies

Using Recruiting Agencies

It is commonplace for businesses and companies to use recruiting agencies when they are searching for new and talented employees. The reasons center around the fact that rather than use company employees, primarily those from human resources to perform that task, the job can be more effectively done by outside resources.

Many companies will use these firms to hire lower level hourly employees, only on a temporary basis. This frees the hiring company from all payroll functions, hr responsibilities, and time spent in the hiring and recruiting functions. It also gives the hiring company time to evaluate these employees while they are working on the job, which is a truer test of how someone will perform.

If a temp employee doesn’t measure up, the employment company is simply notified and the person is let go. Employees who start out in a temp position who perform well can then move into a permanent slot after a period of time, if a position opens up.

Middle management and supervisor positions are also being handled more by outsourcing the recruiting to recruiting agencies. Again, the time to actually do the searching, the initial interviews, the testing, background checks and all the other preliminary screening is left up to the employment company, freeing the HR department from the time spent performing those tasks.

Human resources people are very busy as a matter of course anyway, and it is very helpful to them to receive candidates that are already well screened and tested. It is a simple matter of division of function.

If a company employee does all the hiring, and a candidate is not found, that employee is still going to get their salary. If an employment company does not find the right candidate, they will simply not get paid. The incentives are vastly different, as the employment agency has to get results to be paid.

For higher level executive positions, a specialized executive recruiter is frequently used. As the old saying goes, if you are hunting for lions, you have to find the right hunter who knows where to find them in the first place.

When a company is looking for an executive, it is usually because they are looking for the talent to come in and effect change for the better. People who are able to effectively do that do not exactly grow on trees. An individual who has that ability will have a track record as having had success in changing the environment, the culture and the overall incentives of entire organizations, and those are rare individuals.

Companies simply cannot take the time to sort out candidates, interview them, test them, do the background investigations and all of the other myriads of details with these types of individuals. However, the executive search firm can, and will, as that is how they are paid.

Companies have enough on their plate with the day to day necessities of just running their business. A good marriage of duties have come about in the recruiting arena where each party can do what it does best, and when the smoke clears they have a better result from the process.

Temp Staffing Agencies

Using Temp Staffing Agency For Company Hiring

There is a growing trend where companies and businesses are using temp agencies to fill hourly and lower level positions. In this scenario, the individuals are actually employees of the the employment agency, who handles all of the HR functions including all payroll duties.

This saves an immense amount of time for the hiring employer, as they spend nothing in the way of any time other than saying hello to the temp employee as he or she arrives for work. By the time the temp employee arrives for their duties at the job, they have already been trained for the job by the temporary hiring agency.

During the process of the new temp employee functioning at his or her new job, the hiring company has the chance of observing how things are working out, and if things don’t work out so well, all the hiring company has to do is inform the temp employment company, and the employee is let go by the temp agency.

This system has been found to be very efficient and inexpensive for the hiring company because their personnel don’t have the time spent or the expense of any portion of the searching, interviewing, training or orientation of the new employee. And since these individuals are legally the employees of the temp agency itself, the hiring company has no HR responsibilities at all.

Another great advantage for hiring companies when they utilize temp agencies for their hiring purposes is that they can fill immediate needs quite efficiently, and if that need suddenly goes away, the temp employees can be dismissed with no consequences.

If a temp employee is hurt on the job, the onus goes on the workers compensation plan of the temp agency, and is not attributed to the hiring company’s workers compensation policy.

Employees who start out as temp employees, coming on board from a temporary agency, can have the opportunity of showing how well they can do. Employers are always looking for employees who take their jobs seriously, who show up on time and who have a good attendance record.

Believe it or not, it is sometimes very difficult to find good employees who can be counted on to be on the job and perform their duties as assigned. Coming into a company from a temporary position is a chance for an employee to show their talents and make a good impression.

Many employees who earn promotions and then rise in stature from within, originally came into a company on a temporary basis, demonstrated that they were serious about their position, and earned their way into a permanent position. Employers readily see this in people and for the most part are anxious to add people of good character and good work ethics to their permanent staff.

The use of temporary employment agencies has proven to be a good system for employers, the temporary agencies, and the employees, and will continue to be a viable system in the future.